Testimonial 1

“Your Teachers are responsible, dedicated, and patient with kids. My Jolly Educare has been of great help to juggle between career and family. I am very glad to let my boy learns in your centre.”

Mrs Poh, Mother of Macus

Testimonial 2

“Your school’s teaching method is fun and innovative. My kid enjoys every single moment while attending the holiday camp, as well as the special drama training.”

June Han, Mother of Xie Zhi Wen

Testimonial 3

“My Boy never enjoyed Chinese until he attended your holiday camp, which taught him interesting ways to learn the language.”

Son Kuan Nyok, Mother of Aw Zhi Yuan

Testimonial 4

“Xiao Hong used to be a quiet kid. After attending training lessons in your school, he is more confident in interacting with people.”

Teo Ying, Mother of Xiao Hong

Testimonial 5

“I love your Multiple Intelligence programs. The courses expedite my son’s learning and cultivate his interest in writing.”

Serene Khoo, Mother of Derek Saw